Yamhill County is lucky to have an abundance of family farms that grow amazing food made available to the community through a variety of channels. Restaurants all over the county often reference the farms that provide the goods for your favorite dish, and it’s a treat to taste what a pro can do with locally sourced ingredients. You don’t have to be a pro to tap into this glory. Foodies of all skill levels can revel in the weekly haul of fresh produce lovingly cultivated by local farmers at the McMinnville Farmers’ Market. Every Thursday, you can peruse the McMinnville Farmers’ Market to source local ingredients and even meet the farmers that that lovingly cultivated them. Bounty of Yamhill County wouldn’t happen without the support of local farmers who donate produce and collaborate with chefs to create some of the amazing dishes our guests enjoy. Please stop by the McMinnville Farmers’ Market and shake the hand-and buy some bounty-from some of these amazing people who feed our community in so many ways!

Briar Rose Creamery
Yamhill River Farm
Even Pull Farm
Mama Tees Farm
Super Natural Farm
Bernards Farm
Gratefull Gardens

Love them, like them, follow them – on social media, at farmers’ markets – wherever you can! Many more Bounty of Yamhill County farms will be participating in the McMinnville Farmers’ Market and others over the summer – don’t miss an opportunity to enjoy a little local farmer love!