Imagine twenty local chefs collaborating with twenty local farmers to create twenty amazing dishes. This is true farm-to-chef-to-table. Pour a little wine from some amazing local wineries. We’re talking all sorts of wines – Sparkling, Pinot Noir, Rose….

Let’s paint the backdrop.  White tents pitched in the vineyard…

Insert The Wall of Wine which features hundreds of bottles of wine from Yamhill County vintners. Buy a numbered cork for $30 or 4 corks for $100 and win the corresponding numbered bottle. 

BIG NIGHT is a once-a-year celebration of everything and everyone that makes Yamhill County a true culinary destination. It’s also an important fundraiser for the local non-profit, Yamhill Enrichment Society. Please join us on Sunday, August 28th at 5:30 pm at Sokol Blosser.  Tickets are $150 per person, and are available here.

In the meantime, check out this year’s pairing of Yamhill County farms and chefs!

Babica Hen & Super Natural Farm

The Barberry & Parsons Farm

The Barlow Room & Bernards Farm

Blue Raeven Bakery & Raevenbrook Farm

Carlton Bakery & Mama Tee’s

Community Plate & Greenwillow Grains

The Diner & Even Pull

La Rambla & Gratefull Gardens

Golden Valley Brew Pub & Angus Springs

Harvest Fresh & Yamhill County Mushrooms

Jory at The Allison Inn & Spa + Sunshower Hill Farm

Nick’s Italian Cafe & Mineral Springs Ranch

The Painted Lady & Briar Rose Creamery

Pura Vida & Carlton Farms

Red Hills Market & Baird Family Farm

Republic of Jam/Goatopia & B & P Hill Farms

Ruddick/Wood & Kookoolan Farms

Thistle & Oakhill Organics

Tina’s & 47th Avenue Farm

Farmer’s Plate & Pantry + Yamhill River Farm